Above photo taken in 1998, Pictured as follows, on the left hand side (front to back respectively) Founder Peter Doughty and eldest son Mark Doughty along with longest serving Sales Representative Garry Turner. On the right hand side (front to back) Second son Carl Doughty along with John Randall (now enjoying a well earned retirement)

Photo to the right (if viewing on website) or at the bottom (if viewing on a mobile device) taken in 2020. The current Doughty Cakes team (left to right) – Peter Doughty (Founder and Executive Director), Shirley Doughty (Wife of Peter and Mother to Mark, Carl and Martin, also known as Chief Taster), Linda Barnes (Customer Services and Office Manager), Joshua Doughty (Sales Representative, son of Carl Doughty, third generation), Carl Doughty (Managing Director, second generation), Martin Doughty (Sales Director, second generation), Michael Lemmon (our newest Sales Representative), Mark Hiatt (Sales Representative), Andy O’Callaghan (Sales Representative), Garry Turner (Longest serving Sales Representative) and Mark Doughty (Chairman, second generation)

Doughty Cakes was founded in 1982 by Peter Doughty (known as Continental Cakes from 1982 until 1992).

Everyone thought Peter was crazy at the time, Peter gave up his stable job, bought a van, began importing cakes from Holland, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium and Denmark, and commenced selling continental cakes to local convenience stores and grocery shops throughout Lincolnshire. With the responsibility of a wife and children at home, along with a mortgage to pay, Peter really had no choice but to ensure the business was a success. Therefore, armed with sheer determination, Peter made it work and within a single year Peter had a second van delivering cakes to even more local shops.

In 1992, Peter’s eldest son Mark, joined the business, which was perfect timing because Doughty Cakes had won the contract to supply Lincolnshire Co-operative supermarkets and convenience stores. This resulted in Mark, on his 17th birthday, having to complete a 5 day intensive driving course. Fortunately Mark passed his driving test. Therefore at the age of 17 years and one week, Mark was handed the largest van in the fleet, and Mark set off to supply the ever growing client base.

In 1995, Peter’s second son Carl (current Managing Director) joined the business. By this point, Doughty Cakes had a fleet of five vans. In 2005, Peter’s youngest son, Martin (current Sales Director) joined too, increasing the family involvement further.

You learn more about yourself during bad times than you do good times. Unfortunately in 2004, a change of structure and management within Doughty Cakes largest client meant Doughty Cakes were dealt the devastating news that Doughty Cakes were set to lose 60% of the overall business. As you can imagine, such a substantial loss of business created many challenges, however armed with the hereditary ‘sheer determination’ the business would lift itself up and prosper again.

Peter had worked incredibly hard up to this point, and understandably did not feel he had the energy to build the business once again, fortunately his sons had learnt a lot from Peter along the way!

In January 2005, Peter and Shirley’s eldest son, Mark stepped in and was appointed the Managing Director and along with his brothers, Carl and Martin, and a very understanding wife, Jules, by his side, started rebuilding the business, and within five years Doughty Cakes was bigger and more profitable than ever!!

In December 2017, Mark stepped aside allowing his two brothers, Carl and Martin to advance the business further. Doughty Cakes continues to grow into new markets including online, and exporting to mainland Europe. Doughty Cakes client base continues to grow and has increased in size by 5%, during the first four months of 2020 alone.

Doughty Cakes is still very much a family run business, and this is unlikely to change. Especially considering the third generation is now involved. In 2019, Joshua Doughty, son of Carl (Managing Director) joined the sales team and is already showing signs of the hereditary ‘sheer determination’ to succeed. Peter and Shirley Doughty have eight grand children, Joshua, Connor, Luella, Talitha, Harriet, Kenna, Noah and Harper, therefore it’s highly likely Doughty Cakes will be with us for many years to come.

Watch this space . . . Thank you for reading ‘Our Story’

Our Story